The Linden Method – Total Freedom From High Anxiety Conditions

Posted in Programs by - Jan 28, 2013

Used by over 220,000 – Focused on RECOVERY
Publication Date: June 1997 | Edition: 2

Includes Unlimited Qualified Support & Money Back Guarantee

The Linden Method is the world’s first and only dedicated and accredited anxiety disorder RECOVERY therapy.

Controlled trial recovery success rate: Reduction from severe to normal anxiety levels.

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden, an ex sufferer of panic attacks, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and other anxiety related conditions.

The Linden Method is so simple to use, fast  and carries a money back guarantee for 365 days.

The Method pack includes, The Linden Method Manual, The Linden Method Workshop DVD and many other …

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The Linden Method Junior Version – Ages 7-17

Posted in Programs by - Nov 22, 2012

FREE Professional Support (from our team of MBACP and LAR Accredited Specialists) for you and your child. Money back guarantee.

Structure – Guidance – Support & Reassurance by qualified Mental Health practitioners included with this program. Call them now on +44 (0)1562 742004 to talk through the issues your child is facing.

The Linden Method Junior Version includes CDs for your child to listen to and supervised recovery by our qualified psychotherapeutic team. Both parent and child will have access to email and telephone support, guidance and reassurance.


Publication Date: June 30, 1997 | Edition: 2

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden, …

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Anxiety Recovery Retreats

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Since 2010, thousands of people from around the World have travelled to our Anxiety Recovery Retreat… why?

…Because it’s a true ‘environment for recovery’.

If you want to become anxiety disorder free, it is vital that you, not only, surround yourself in an environment for recovery, but that you also receive the constant, qualified, experienced guidance, reassurance and support that leads you to full recovery.

Our Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops do just that – the results acheivable in just 4 days are awe inspiring and, for many clients, overwhelming experiences which create life-long friendships and wonderfully fulfilled people.

Read some comments from people …

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