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If you experience high anxiety and it is interfering with your
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You don’t need to suffer… allow me to explain.From: Charles Linden. The Linden Centre Dear anxiety disorder sufferer,Did you know that one in four people suffer from high anxiety conditions like you do, which means that, worldwide, billions of people feel like you do every day.

Anxiety disorders are at pandemic levels and I believe them to be the most catastrophic health related issues in the world. The sociological and economic impact on families, careers, finances and general wellbeing is huge, as you can imagine. But it needn’t be. It is all avoidable.

First of all, let me explain to you that this advice is free of charge. I do have ‘paid for programs’ but these are administered by qualified individuals and the content is high quality, curative and simple. I am not asking you to ‘buy’ anything, just to listen to advice that benefits from over 27 years of suffering and 15 years of myself and my team helping over 185,000 people to recover.

Other people’s symptoms may be slightly different to yours, they may respond differently to you, but the core of their high anxiety is caused and perpetuated by the exact same system that stores and perpetuates yours.

I suffered too and for 27 years, I tolerated the fear, isolation, desperation, sadness and the sense of hopelessness that you, perhaps, do. I looked for answers everywhere, I was on medications to counter the side-effects of other medications, I had CBT, hypnosis, EFT, NLP… every possible treatment I could find… until I found the cure.

Doctors prescribe medications, psychologists might delve into your past, provide ‘coping strategies’ or ‘anxiety management techniques, but ultimately, if you have already tried these, you’ll know, like I do, that they don’t provide solutions.

All of the anxious thoughts and symptoms I experienced are sourced in the anxiety response mechanism in the subconscious mind. This system is meant to prevent us coming to any harm, but this ‘human safety system’ comes at a cost when an anxiety disorder develops.

The symptoms seem so real and cause us to feel so vulnerable and sometimes weak, but always, scared.

Do you experience:


Panic attacks Heart and/or breathing symptoms
Agoraphobia Dizziness and/or faintness
Obsessive thoughts Smothering and/or choking sensations
Generalised anxiety Digestive issues
Phobias or obsessions Muscle weakness and/or pain
Derealisation Numbness, tingling or heaviness in limbs
Depersonalisation Electric shock feelings
PTSD Dreaminess, dicturbed vision or hearing
Pure O Strange sensory experiences
Disturbing thoughts Sense of impending doom


These are just some of the symptoms, sensations, thoughts and experiences caused by the emotion of fear.

The affect of anxiety disorders and their impact on our social lives, our work lives, our relationships, intimacy, our children, in fact more or less every aspect of our lives can be overwhelming.

The emotion of fear, by its very nature, causes us to experience vulnerability because if it didn’t, we wouldn’t feel the need to protect ourselves.

But you don’t need to constantly feel frightened of:


  • watching the news in case an anxiety provoking event is shown –
  • having a panic attack ‘meltdown’ in an inappropriate location
  • going to the supermarket in case you collapse or panic
  • driving, in case you can’t get off the road if you become anxious or panic
  • going to the dentist, hairdresser’s or cinema for fear of feeling trapped
  • interacting socially, travelling away from people or places of ‘perceived’ safety
  • eating certain things, touching certain things or not repeating certain thoughts or actions
  • phobias like ill health, death or throwing up
  • thoughts about, for example, aggressive, sexual, homosexual or religious acts


Learn how you can deactivate the core anxiety that causes all of the above responses and thoughts so that you can do what you wish, when you wish, without ever having to pause to consider your anxiety again.

You see, despite the fact that we are programmed to activate fear when it is appropriate to be fearful, it is entirely inappropriate to experience fear and all the thoughts and symptoms it produces when there is nothing present to be fearful of.

Unfortunately, your subconscious doesn’t know that! Yet!



Just like your subconscious is preprogrammed to make your heart beat at the same resting rate each day, it is now preprogrammed to function at an increased, and what it thinks is entirely correct, anxiety level.

It’s a flaw in human evolution that causes us to suffer in this way.

This same flaw is subject to the most powerful resource only about 15% of the world’s population possess.

YOU are one of those 15% and whilst it may not feel like it now, you possess, not only, the ability to become anxiety free, but also a resource which, when re-purposed, will bring about a sense of strength, ability, happiness and fulfilment in every area of your life.

How do I know this?

Because, I experienced it myself and have seen tens of thousands of our clients achieve exactly this, without exception, if they just DO what the mind needs to see happening in order to switch off the emotion of fear.

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I have created a series of emails that will help you to understand your anxiety disorder, will reassure you, will explain the science in more depth and will show you that despite what you have been told, anxiety disorders can be eliminated fully and permanently without the need for drugs or talking therapies and that you can completely transform your life and become even better than you ever thought you could!

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