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From London to LA, Charles Linden is the first choice for sufferers, organizations, celebrities & governments.

 Charles’ anxiety recovery programs start at under $140 including constant access to qualified support – but they ‘really get the job done’

Why are his programs used by government agencies and ‘back stage’ on films, concerts and TV shows and why do famous and influential people from around the world have him on speed dial?

Harley street & LA Anxiety Expert Charles Linden runs Coaching, Home Learning and Retreat programs that have been used by over 160,000 people around the world.



Charles Linden is a Hay House Author, Speaker, Coach, TV Presenter, Radio Expert and adviser to TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and governments from around the world. Charles and his programs have helped over 160,000 people, celebrities, sports-people and even politicians and industrialists to find permanent recovery from high anxiety conditions.

“Charles Linden… the
Allen Carr of anxiety.”

The Times

“Charles Linden is the world’s most influential authority on anxiety.” 

Hay House Publishing

“The Linden Method and Charles Linden saved my life”

The Telegraph

“I will help you… no BS, just science and the benefit of curing tens of thousands of people just like you! If you want full, natural, fast & permanent recovery… you have found it!”
 – Charles Linden


“My name is Charles Linden. Since 1997 our programs have helped over 200,000 people and our online resources have been accessed by over 3 million people. My team of qualified specialists have spent hundreds of thousands of hours interacting with our clients and the resource of data we have compiled is vast. Despite our 8,000 plus active clients and my full diary, media engagements, Retreats and Hay House events, radio programs etc. I love my work and I adore helping people to truly change their lives.” 

“Hi, my name is Beth Linden, Charles’ better half! The recoveries we create more than compensate for the years Charles spent fighting his own anxiety disorders. Since his recovery in 1997, we have seen tens of thousands of people become completely anxiety disorder free and they go on to achieve the most amazing things. We live a blessed life and we both adore what we do. Charles has given his soul to every client he has ever helped and we are very proud of the changes we see happen and of our team who support and assist in everything we do.” Charles & Beth Linden – Directors – Linden Recovery

Charles with Rickie Lake
Charles with Lady Jemma Mornington
Charles with Gok Wan

Charles’ unique and now very public, journey from the depths of severe anxiety disorder to the world’s leading anxiety expert is, not only incredible, but also so inspiring.

Charles’ journey has helped millions

Don’t be fooled by Charles’ layed back appearance, this man once suffered from probably the most dreadful case of anxiety disorder I have ever seen. You name it, he either suffered from it, took it or was administered it. Every therapy, medication and alternative therapy was thrown at Charles for over 27 years but, after all that suffering he pulled himself out of the jaws of, what he was told was, mental illness and has since become the world’s leading authority on anxiety recovery.

From Beverley Hills to a Session with Anxious Kids…

One day Charles is in Beverley Hills with clients, the next in San Diego with his publishers Hay House and then, the next day, he could be in Heidelberg, Germany at his European office or in the UK at one of his international Anxiety Recovery Retreats; but Charles is most at home when he is helping normal every day people of any age to recover.

Charles’ passion is stopping children from going through the constant hell he experienced at school and children warm to his reassuring, kind and life-changing ability to remove anxiety disorders.

Charles’ work takes him on-set, behind-stage and in front of millions in his TV appearances and his own TV show, but still Charles gives every client, without exception, everything he possibly can in order for them to recover… often to his own detriment. This, once housebound man, is nothing less than a powerhouse and has been a true lifeline to millions of people whose lives he has changed.

TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines… Charles never stops

Charles works tirelessly doing TV and radio appearances, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, appearing in magazines and newspapers, doing online webinars, working with Hay House, he has recently completed the Hay House World Summit and appears on their radio shows. Charles never stops, which is unusual when you consider that 16 years ago, he couldn’t get from his lounge to his bedroom unaided.

Charles appears in Vogue USA, The Times, Glamour, Elle, dozens of national newspapers and websites, indeed, a Google search for his name and the word ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic’ produces well over a million search results.

Charles’ passion

“What I love is helping people when they, like I once was, feel that there is no escape and are told that they will always feel that way. What I do now rescues people… never, never give up, just allow me to show you the way...

What better qualification than 27 years of suffering, discovering the solution and the tens of thousands of cured clients we have helped? Formal qualifications have no tangible value in the treatment of anxiety disorders unless the practitioner has both suffered and indeed knows the true solution. It is pointless for sufferers to sit in sessions or take medications that can’t and don’t, produce curative results; in fact a practitioner doing so is knowingly taking advantage of a sufferer’s conditions and good will. We have thousands of hours experience helping thousands to truly recover, isn’t this what all current sufferers want and need? A trusted, time tested Method administered by the most experienced anxiety recovery experts in the world… that’s what I would have wanted when I was anxious, but all I got was pointless medication and CBT… a waste of money and more importantly of a young man’s life.” Charles Linden

There is no doubt that Charles is the world’s leading anxiety recovery expert, Hay house say that “Charles Linden is the world’s most influential authority on anxiety.” and this is high praise indeed from the world’s largest self-help publisher and home to world renowned experts such as Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Dr Wayne Dyer himself.

What is most incredible though is that despite Charles having all of this to contend with and having an average of 8,000 active clients at any one time, you can call The Linden Centre and often Charles will pick up the phone. Charles makes himself visible in every possible way. His life is an open book for the benefit of his clients… he is open about every aspect of his suffering and honest about how he suffered and the symptoms it caused and it is this that clients love most.

Most heads of organizations hide away from their clients, negotiating deals and heading mergers… Charles prefers to pick up the phone or to jump in his car and drive 200 miles to help a child in hospital.

Charles is the real deal and this is why his ex clients adore him and his current clients hang on his every word of advice… Charles doesn’t need qualifications from a university for the world to know his capabilities… these speak through the clients he has cured.

Jane Lovell. Freelance journalist.

Charles’ TV series
 ‘Stress Free in 30 Days’ – Kane TV – Hay House Publishing 2013

Some excerpts from Charles’ TV Series.


The TRUTH about anxiety disorder elimination

Academically and scientifically proven to be THE only solution to anxiety disorders – the body’s own anxiety recovery process that HAS TO happen for humans to become anxiety free… BEST OF ALL…

  • you can start it in minutes
  • kids of six do it with ease
  • it works fast
  • you don’t need to write or practice anything
  • there’s no ‘face your fear’ tactics
  • no therapy or anything difficult to do!

It’s so simple and it permanently cures anxiety disorders!

The ONLY reason it fails is if you don’t do it… that’s just plain lazy and ridiculous.

This isn’t a ‘claim’, it’s human biology


Till I was 27 I had constant high anxiety. I decided that there had to be a solution… so I found it.

Since then I have cured tens of thousands of sufferers. Here’s my story.

My story is probably a lot like yours!

4th February 1968 – My parents, Lindsay and Jane, welcomed me to the world… a strangely coloured bundle of fun.

I sound British but don’t feel it!I have moved around so much, I feel at home everywhere.

Despite being born in the UK, most of my formative years were spent in Europe and mostly on US bases. I am proud of my heritage but most of my clients are in America, which I love.

Looking back, I don’t ever remember feeling normal as a child…

I felt different, somehow, and constantly timid and scared… but not knowing why. My early years were great. As a family we did lots of fun things and I had a great relationship with my parents and brother, Miles. We travelled, camped, walked, played sport and did all those things that a functional family do… but beneath the surface and without my parents’ knowledge, I always felt unwell, scared and shaky.

Although I functioned relatively normally, I did so whilst feeling odd and dizzy…

I would make excuses NOT to do things if the anxiety took over. Sleepovers, school trips, boy scouts… all these caused me to feel anxious, so I would create sophisticated stories to prevent having to take part.

I was always aware that I was quite different to other kids…

I’d observe them and wonder how they did, what they did, without fear. I’d think about death, injury and loss. I created strange attachments to possessions and objects and fixated on things I lost or couldn’t find… I would almost greave over a broken or lost toy. I worried constantly that my family would be injured or killed and I had reoccurring nightmares about danger and fear. I hated hospitals or doctors surgeries and the dental surgery was terrifying to me.

I wanted to be a surgeon, so aged 14 I went to volunteer at the local hospital. I even watched surgical procedures with ease, and enjoyed it, but as soon as I left the hospital and re-entered the home environment, the anxious thoughts would start all over. My dreams of becoming a medic died with my inability to pass the chemistry exams.

My anxiety controlled my life and everything and everyone around me…

I became a master manipulator – everything I did in my life was carefully controlled to accommodate my anxious thoughts and to control my panic attacks. Neither my parents nor my friends had a clue what I was thinking. Mum knew I was anxious because I had admitted it to her one day, but I know she never really knew what lay beneath the surface.

I felt scared wherever I was and what ever I was doing…

In 1987 I went to German and worked for the US Army and Air Force… I understood that my anxiety was bad wherever I was located so the move meant nothing to me really. I was lonely at first but as time passed, the anxiety was tolerable and I managed to integrate into the base community and made many new friends, which helped.

Then, all hell broke loose…

I was ‘OK’ for a few years, tolerating the anxiety really, but the, suddenly, extreme and overwhelming anxiety and panic hit me hard and knocked me off my feet.

From this point on and for over 7 years, I was an emotional mess. I developed OCD, agoraphobia and Pure O and I had 8 to 10 panic attacks every single day.

This is me below in 1996… YES IT REALLY is me.. under that overweight, scared, Valium addicted, Prozac popping, mess of a man aged 27… is ME!

My son said to me that my eyes looked sad… they did didn’t they! He didn’t even believe it was me to start with!!


YES this REALLY IS me!


I had constant depersonalization, derealization and ‘brain fog’ that rendered me incapable of functioning on any level.

I took, Prozac, Diazepam, Seroxat, Stelazine, had alternative therapies and tried every weird and wonderful thing I could find… nothing worked.

CBT, medication, hypnosis – now I know why they don’t work but THEN I tried everything…

I had CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Emotional Freedom technique, hypnotherapy, NLP, faith healing, psychotherapy, counselling, and even went to a Buddhist center for meditation classes… did anything work? NO.

Now I know that these don’t work for anyone.

I have assisted over 160,000 to recover… NOT ONE has ever said these things cured them.

Now that I have 16 years of experience curing people… I KNOW what works and what doesn’t and I know now that none of those things can touch anxiety disorders because they don’t reach the part of the brain responsible for controlling anxiety levels.

I had met recovered sufferers so despite what medics told me, I knew a recovery was possible. So I decided to make it happen for myself too.

In 1997, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH… and I cured myself

I discovered the solution – the cure that works for EVERY anxiety sufferer (if they are human)

I created a structured recovery Method that works – why does it work? Because it tells you EXACTLY what the brain expects to happen.

I implemented my Method and it took my panic attacks away in under a day.

In under two weeks I was working again, I was eating normally, being intimate with my partner, I was socializing, I was feeling well, fitter and I was losing weight.

In under four weeks I was completely cured… I was travelling, working, exercising and my life opened up… for the first time in my life, I felt ‘normal’.

I felt FREE.

I created a very simple website and gave anxious people my Method… over 1000
people used it in the first months and as they fed back their results, I fine tuned my Method. I gave up my day job to help people to recover and the rest is history

I love what I do.

Since 1998 we have helped over 160,000 people using The Linden Method – we have become a health care facility recommended by government, doctors, psychologists and practitioners around the world. I have a television series, appear on TV, I am an adviser to TV, radio and a variety of organisations, websites and other businesses…. and none of it was planned!

I help celebrities and business people and that takes me to many wonderful and
inspiring places, meeting the most incredible people. Right, I am
pictured with Rickie Lake and Lady Jemma Mornington (Jemma Kidd).
Also with Gok Wan, below right. I help dozens of amazing people each year but many prefer not to be identified, which you can understand!

My team of qualified psychologists and counsellors are amazing. They’ve helped
more anxious people than any other practitioners in the world and they will help
YOU to find total recovery.

It takes days, not weeks or months… days!

If I can transform myself from a scared mouse into what I am today… you can do it too.

We travel the world curing anxious people… whether you believe me or not is ‘up
to you’… I speak as I find and what I see every day is evidence that what we do works. PERIOD.



Your recovery is a foregone conclusion, it’s just that you haven’t learned HOW yet.

I can show you that we will cure your panic, OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD, derealization, depersonalization and every single symptom and thought FAST.

I help children of six and people in their nineties.

Many people who come to us desperately looking for answers having been abandoned by their own doctors, end up cured.

If you take medication, we can still help you. We even cure people who truly believe that they are ‘too far gone’ to be cured.

If you are human, we will cure you… it doesn’t matter how long you have suffered or how unwell you feel.

If you don’t use The Linden Method as your first option… you are wasting your time.

Just read my testimonials, my credentials, my success and the medical and psychological endorsements first and compare them to any other anxiety specialist… there is no comparison.

Look at websites claiming a ‘cure’ carefully… it’s easy to fabricate testimonials, especially ones from the public.

Will you find people saying my Method didn’t work for them? Yes, sure. Most are either ‘competitors’ or people who couldn’t be bothered to do it correctly… BUT, if you can find 100 people… what percentage do they represent of our 200,000 ex clients?

The program works IF you do it!


WE provide recovery, not management.

WE provide support and guidance, not a shoulder to cry on.

WE provide the body’s own cure process.


Charles Linden

I’m 45 years old. My wife is Beth, I have two children, Charlie (12) and Florence (9) and people come from every corner of the World to our Retreats and Workshops. We cure people regardless of their age, time suffered, gender or race.

You are gifted, you just don’t know it yet, and I will show you that your anxiety will free you and make you the best you have ever been.

I’m an ex sufferer and proud of that fact and also proud of the fact that we WILL change your life forever.


YOUR recovery is now our responsibility – and it’ inevitable if you just do as we ask.

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Charles Linden
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