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Charles Linden is Hay House’s
newest author & anxiety recovery expert.


Author, TV presenter and anxiety recovery expert Charles Linden joins the ranks of the Hay House experts family alongside world famous life chage experts Dr Wayne Dryer, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue.

Charles is author of The Linden Method program which has helped over 185,000 people from around the world. Charles was a recent contributor to The Hay House World Summit and runs residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops which address anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD and PTSD.

Charles is an anxiety recovery expert to the stars – many from mainstream cinema, TV and even aristocracy.


He has been written about and appeared in Vogue, The Times, and dozens more ‘in print’ publications as well as featuring on hundreds of radio stations and TV channels around the world. He has his own TV series ‘Stress Free in 30 Days’ whcih has just been released on DVD by Hay House.

Charles’ reputation as an anxiety recovery expert has him flying around the world to see clients, run courses and attend events surrounding his events books, DVDs, CDs and programs.

Charles has a practice room in London’s famous Harley Street Clinic at 2 Harley Street where he sees a variety of international clients, sports-people, celebrities and sufferers from every background on earth.

“I never compromise. No matter how someone finds me or which program format they choose, I will always provide no compromise solutions that fit every person’s budget. I was a sufferer once and now that I have the solution, I just want to deliver it to every person who needs it!” Charles Linden

To read more about Charles Linden’s programs click on the location appropriate link below

USA – http://www.panic-anxiety.com/join/

UK – http://www.thelindenmethod.co.uk/join/

or call:

USA – 1-800-486-0458

UK – 0800 069 9898