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The Linden Method

Total Freedom from High Anxiety Conditions

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BRAND NEW Oct 25th
‘Immediate Balance’

Charles Linden has created a powerful recording that will explain a device he tells all his Anxiety Recovery Retreat clients about that brings about immediate relief from many of the anxiety symptoms and thoughts you experience. So simple to implement, but very physically and psychologically influential. You can access ‘Immediate Balance’ free in the next 10 minutes when you join the program.

What is The Linden Method & why do sufferers, agencies, psychologists, doctors, actors and singers love it and recommend it?

For over 16 years, The Linden Method has been the world’s leading Supported Anxiety Recovery Program.

160,000 people have used The Method directly through The Linden Centers or through our residential, workshop, iPhone App or corporate programs.

The Linden Method is recommended and referred to by medics and psychologists around the world and is endorsed by psychological research professors in the USA and Europe.

The Linden Method can be done quickly or at your own pace. Charles is often called in to help people who have developed anxiety and panic, for example singers, politicians or performers who need to be ‘back on stage’ fast.

Your recovery can happen as quickly or as slowly as you are comfortable with and NO ONE ELSE need know you are doing it.

The Linden Method slips effortlessly and invisibly into your life. Children often don’t know they are doing it and their parents don’t let on! It’s really that simple.

The Linden Method will not be affected by your medication or alternative therapies and your recovery will not be affected by those factors.

Why is it so respected?

The Linden Method produces results which mimic your body’s own anxiety control systems and therefore 100% success rate is assured with program participation.

This means that the emotion of fear is switched off centrally as it would be naturally.

The Linden Method is used by 1000’s of people just like you, plus Hollywood and European celebrities, aristocracy, international recording artists, media production companies, government bodies and government health organisations… not to mention 100’s of companies and clinics.

What do you receive?

  1. The Linden Method resource pack with DVD (video) led guidance
  2. Unlimited guidance from our accredited coaches (with psychology qualifications) by email, Skype and phone
  3. Live, interactive coaching sessions directly with Charles Linden
  4. Emotional and life guidance coaching from our Specialists
  5. Access to your ‘Members Area’ with a raft of videos, relaxation exercises and more
  6. Symptoms explained videos and audio files
  7. Charles Linden’s Anxiety Recovery Mentoring DVD set
  8. Download and printed pack version members have immediate access to the online program materials
  9. Immediate access to the Support team for reassurance, guidance and moral support

You won’t be alone with your anxiety disorder for a moment longer.

All of our Specialists have been chosen because they once suffered like you.

Why is it so different to other treatments?

  • No other home learning program offers an opportunity of an official qualification as a practitioner
  • No other program provides unlimited, seamless telephone and email support
  • No one else has a 15 year history helping over 185,000 people
  • No one else has the quantity of testimonials we have
  • No one else has this level of celebrity testimonials
  • No one else offers FREE qualified support from registered specialists (MBACP members or accredited LAR Coaches)
  • No one else has a massive group of media, TV, radio appearances including terrestrial TV, Vogue, national newspapers etc
  • The author is published by Hay House, the world’s largest self help publisher (or appears on their radio, world summit etc.)
  • No one else has psychologist and Dr statements about efficacy
  • No one else’s program is used in practice by Drs of psychology, psychologists and other health pro’s
  • No one else has residential programs visited by people from across the world

The Linden Method home learning program leads clients to an anxiety free life.

We know our programs cure anxiety disorders, it’s only a chance to prove it to you that we need from clients!

You can start to do TODAY what will make a massive impact on how you feel tomorrow and you can get the support and reassurance you need from people who have helped tens of thousands of people like you to become anxiety free.

It is simple, it is supportive and it works.

From this webpage ONLY, I will also send you a DVD set that will bring about the most amazing transformations in every aspect of your life… long after you are anxiety free.

Normally, this DVD set is only provided to clients who attend our residential programs, but for a limited time, I will also give it to new clients who join using this webpage.

To order The Linden Method versions (4 installment payment plan available on printed version), choose from the links below.

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There are no hidden costs – This price covers all materials and support for up to 12 months.

(It won’t take 12 months to recover though… this just allows you some flexibility as to when you want to start)

The Linden Method programs are covered by a 12 month satisfaction guarantee.

You will receive immediate access to your program materials and the support team.

You can attend your sessions with Charles in the Members Area.


smallBiography: Charles Linden is regarded as the world’s leading anxiety recovery specialist. Charles is a Hay House author, educator and TV presenter. Charles, his wife, Beth and his Team of Psychological Specialists assist people from around the world to find inner peace and freedom from high anxiety conditions. From Hollywood film stars to school children, Charles’ Methods are provided in many affordable formats including Home Learning, Residential, Apps, Workshops, Corporate programs and private consultations.