Postnatal Anxiety – Postpartum Depression

Post natal anxiety OR post natal depression?

What’s the difference?

My name is Charles Linden and over the 20 years I have been coaching people to eliminate anxiety, I have seen, spoken to and been party to the recoveries of many women who have been diagnosed with post and pre natal depression /anxiety (often referred to as post-partum depression / anxiety), however, in almost every case, those very same people have been experiencing high anxiety and/or panic attacks.

So what does that prove? I hear you ask.

Anxiety is the emotion of fear which activates when threat is perceived. The hormones released into the blood stream and those utilised in the brain to give us the experience of ‘fear’ place our bodies in ‘hyper-vigilence’. Every nerve ending is firing to make us hyper-aware of our environment in order to identify and respond to THREAT. It’s total physical and mental hyper awareness… a sensory explosion.

Depression is the TOTAL opposite. Clinical depression causes a person to experience a TOTAL lack of sensory experiences… they couldn’t care less about, pretty much, anything or anyone! This is why the suicide rate is so high in true clinical depression.

IN FACT – If anyone says that someone is suffering from depression with anxiety, they are also saying that someone can be HAPPY and SAD simultaneously! It’s utter nonsense. It’s physically impossible.

Do you see where this is going?

In none of the cases of pre natal or post natal depression I have ever been party to in which the person suffers from panic attacks or elevated anxiety has the person had depression.


If advisers would understand and use this simple fact, there would be less people taking inappropriate medication and more people gaining appropriate help, guidance and recovery support.

So what would be the most effective treatment for post or pre natal depression?  The two conditions that I am now going to refer to (for ease) as post natal anxiety and pre-natal anxiety.

My program, the Linden Method has helped thousands of pregnant women and new mums to find the recovery they need without medication and without expensive, time consuming and mostly inappropriate talking therapies.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks Elimination Expert - Charles Linden“You must begin to understand what post natal or post-partumanxiety truly is and what you can do now to completely erase it. When I say completely, that is exactly what I mean. I know you have probably been told that anxiety is something with which you must learn to cope, but coping strategies are a disguise, not a solution!

In order to become anxiety disorder free, you must do what myself and every other recovered sufferer has done. I discovered the solution through endless research and tenacity… you have discovered it because I can tell you exactly how you can undo the disorder… turn it all around and end up as if you never had it at all… in fact better than that… you will feel stronger, more intuitive and more capable than ever before. It is amazing the strength that anxiety disorder builds inside of you which isn’t revealed until you eliminate the anxiety disorder and the fear of fear which shrouds it.”

Charles Linden

Charles prides himself on providing curative solutions to every person, regardless of age, financial situation or location.

“I never compromise. No matter how someone finds me or which program format they choose, I will always provide no compromise solutions that fit every person’s budget. I was a sufferer once and now that I have the solution, I just want to deliver it to every person who needs it!” Charles Linden


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Charles Linden is Hay House’s newest author & anxiety recovery expert.

Author, TV presenter and anxiety recovery expert Charles Linden joins the ranks of the Hay House experts family alongside world famous life chage experts Dr Wayne Dryer, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue.

Charles is author of The Linden Method program which has helped over 185,000 people from around the world. Charles was a recent contributor to The Hay House World Summit and runs residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops which address anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD and PTSD.