The Linden Method is a recovery system provided by a registered educational organisation – in order for it to work effectively, you will require all of the REAL elements.

There are people online giving away and selling FAKE Linden Method packs and materials and these MUST be avoided at all cost.

They are NOT The Linden Method, they are nothing to do with our organisation and do not contain Linden Method materials.

If you are offered fake Linden Method materials, please let us know using the contact form on this website or calling our centre as these could cause you damage.

The Linden Method consists of over 30 resources which are not available elsewhere. TLM also includes a support portal and support from qualified specialists.

Linden Method materials are licensed to one client only – Duplicating materials or using another person’s client account for access is a breech of licensing and copyright laws.

The Linden Method program is only available through licensed websites – Anyone else is selling/providing fake and illegal materials.

You can order The Linden Method from our only official order system at:


These are the licensed websites: