Life of Fear – Charles Linden’s Autobiography

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Life of Fear – Charles Linden’s Autobiography

The story of my recovery from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD & Pure O to developing The Linden Method program and the Linden Method Retreats programs

A journey of recovery from the incurable. It’s not a book filled with psycho-babble or cognitive therapy, it’s a definitive, beautifully described, humorous but exacting account of anxiety disorder recovery.

In 1996 a 27 year old man cured himself of anxiety disorders including panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O, from which he had suffered since childhood.Every specialist, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and specialist had told him that the condition was incurable; the same story they tell every sufferer. His Linden Method materials have since been used by millions of anxious people and he has helped hundreds of thousands of anxiety sufferers to recover using his programs and has founded the world’s only dedicated residential anxiety recovery programs.

Charles Linden has become the most successful and respected anxiety recovery specialist in the world and works with patients from every corner of the globe, from ‘stay at home mums’ to film stars, musicians and industrialists, on a one on one basis, through his anxiety recovery programs and through his books, CDs, DVDs, TV series, magazine, newspaper and radio work, through his on-line entities and through every single person he cures who refers other sufferer’s because of the relief they have experienced.

Charles is an adviser to media, government, VIPs, business-people and corporations and has developed a brand new, unique and recognised branch of anxiety disorder treatment for total anxiety disorder recovery that is endorsed by research academics, doctors and psychologists from around the world.

This book which documents his story and recovery in his own words is a vital read for everyone who has experienced anything from sweaty palms to panic attacks…. It’s the anxiety sufferer’s bible.

You won’t have read anything like this before!

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  • Charles linden, what can i say, you totally take my breath away, after being in a horrific car accident, @ had these massive life changes forced upon me, i was totally in despare, even suicidal,at 1 point, having up to 10-15 panic attacks daily,i just never thought there was no hope for me, then by chance i came across the linden method, @ thought, i have got nothing to loose, i will give it a go?….actually going through the method, i was scared, vunable,angry, , charles i was a total pain in the butt, i must of drove you absolutely mad,?? you must of had patience of a saint to put up with me, But you did, @ i stuck to the 9 pillars, @ plugged at it, it eventually worked, i sleep at night, never have a panic attack, @ there is not one tiny bit of anxiety left in my body,…. charles if you was at the side of me right at this very moment, i would never ever stop hugging you,you are my true inspiration, @ i love you to bits, THANKYOU A MILLION, TRILLION ,THANKYOUS,,,, i always said, @ i will stick to this forever, if i ever regain back my motor skills, iam going on THIS MORNING,to give my story, @ charles you will definitely be mentioned, thankyou for giving me back a part of my life back, you are absolutely wonderful, @ i love you to bits, THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH, LOVE YOU TRILLIONS, @TRILLIONS.

  • Melani C

    Brilliant, simple and powerful.

  • Joanne Beares

    I read Charles Life of Fear book and I started TLM skeptically but after two days I understood why people love Charles and his program. It is truly wonderful and has changed the way I feel from the moment I wake till the moment my eyes close at night. I sleep soundly. I eat normally. I feel like a new woman. Thank you so much with all my heart.

  • Like I was reading about myself! Fantastic find! I found out that now Charles organises anxiety recover retreats and I’ve booked myself on the next one! Can’t wait!

  • This book is beautifully written by a man who helped me to recover and who has helped many tens of thousands more, some of which I know personally.

    The way Charles Linden opens up his life, his thoughts, his struggles and his conquests selflessly and without agenda for sufferers to understand and gain comfort from is truly inspirational.

    Charles is transparent in every aspect of his life experiences and his deep understanding of what it is to suffer is massively comforting for sufferers who just need to know that a solution truly exists.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Charles and Beth, his wife, at an event last year and they came across as genuine, caring and compassionate. Charles spent over an hour with a young lad who had anxiety and OCD at an event that had nothing to do with his work. He sat there and spoke to the child without looking up and afterwards I went over and shook his hand and told him what a good man he is.

    If anyone says that Charles isn’t the man I say he is, I suggest they do their research or meet him personally because he is the one person I would want on my side if I had an anxiety disorder. he speaks more sense than any Dr or psychologist myself or my group have ever met.

    This man deserves a knighthood for what he has done for so many. There are many bitter, twisted and hateful people in the world who would leave a review out of anger, jealousy or competition. But no fair, well meaning person would criticise Charles if they had met him and his wife like I did.

    This book is a must read for any sufferer. It is reassuring, informative, interesting and enjoyable to read.

    HIGHLY recommended.

  • In this brilliant autobiography, Charles shares his incredible journey through life as a chronic anxiety sufferer. I laughed and I cried reading this book and at times I was completely shocked and horrified at some of the experiences he endured as a young boy at school.

    Charles completely cured himself of his horrendous anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and all other related symptoms. After years of endless pills supplied by the doctors that only made things worse, he finally decided enough was enough. He researched everything to help him find the answer …. And he found it!

    This book will give hope and reassurance to other sufferers that no matter how many years they have suffered, or how extreme they’re symptoms are, there is a CURE!

    Charles Linden is a genuine and completely honest man who is extremely passionate about this method because IT WORKS!

    Whether you are a sufferer or not, this is a superb autobiography and a definite eye opener.
    I couldn’t put it down 🙂

  • This book (Kindle)is by Charles Linden who suffered from anxiety for many years before recovering and founding his method for recovery known as The Linden Method.

    This book is strongly recommended for anyone doing The Linden Method, considering doing it, is suffering from anxiety or curious to know more about the man behind The Method.

    It is a truly inspiring and life affirming story – if this man can suffer this much and fully recover then there is hope indeed for the many people who suffer from anxiety and have given up hope. Nobody can fully comprehend the truly horrible and sometimes frightening symptoms and prison like hell these people go through – unless you go through it yourself. The truth is, there IS hope and this lies at the heart of Linden’s story. Charles’s life experiences are at times deeply poignant and there is a love story here too – the story of Charles and Beth Linden who is so important to the story. It is almost as if Charles is born to go through all this and create The Linden Method with Beth, to benefit the thousands of people world wide – and growing – who have recovered from their anxiety disorders.

    I strongly advise you to read this book and be inspired and get The Linden Method if you are suffering from anxiety – you won’t be sorry. You have nothing to lose. All you have to do is get better.

  • If you know of someone who is suffering from ocd, as I was myself, PLEASE gift-purchase this book to that person. If you are having issues of your own from panic-attacks, ocd, etc. this book will open your eyes to the truth of what one experiences & the road to recovery that Charles began many years ago in his own life.

    I can’t say enough about ‘Life of Fear’; fantastic read & an eye-opener to the actual issue of what anxiety “disorders” really are and how they can effect one’s life.

    There IS hope for anxiety sufferers, Charles Linden’s story of finding a cure to self-imprisonment is a paved walkway of that hope.

  • This book is a must have, for anxiety suffers. Charles openly describes his decent into the frightening world of panic attacks and fear. I believe him to be a genius in this field and he gives first hand experience of how fear overtook his life. He also gives good advice on how to recover and takes away the stigma and gives new found hope and the blueprint to recovery. I admire him immensely and totally trust a man who has been there.

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