Anxiety Recovery Retreats

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Anxiety Recovery Retreats

Since 2007, thousands of people from around the World have travelled to our Anxiety Recovery Retreat… why?

…Because it’s a true ‘environment for recovery’.

If you want to become anxiety disorder free, it is vital that you, not only, surround yourself in an environment for recovery, but that you also receive the constant, qualified, experienced guidance, reassurance and support that leads you to full recovery.

Our Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops do just that – the results acheivable in just 4 days are awe inspiring and, for many clients, overwhelming experiences which create life-long friendships and wonderfully fulfilled people.

Read some comments from people who have experienced the Retreats below

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  • Sharon

    My husband has suffered for crippling anxiety for 32 years. We have spent thousands – in fact we remortgaged our home to fund the many private treatment options because he had run out of drugs to try and CBT was unsuccessful and I believe, actually made him worse. You name it, he’s tried it. Then we found The Linden Method and that’s when I saw hope in my husbands eyes for the first time in years. Jack (my husband) had become so bad that he was agoraphobic but after reading The Linden Method, he knew that Charles was the person who was going to help him. We enquired about The Retreat. Suddenly Charles had become Jack’s hero and this worried me. Was Charles going to wave a wand and make him anxiety free? I was advised by the Specialist at The Linden Centre that it wasn’t about speaking or meeting Charles that would make Jack better but it was the implementation of Charles Linden’s method that would produce the desired effect of removing Jack’s crippling anxiety. I remember like it was yesterday, we took 12 hours to get from Bournemouth to Worcestershire and after very many stops (had to avoid motorways also) we made it to The Retreat. These four days – Jack says – he will never forget. For the first time since he can remember he felt there was hope. He has made lifelong friends with many of the other members of his group and I too gained a tremendous amount from being at the retreat as a loved one. (We got our own session and also got tremendous support and guidance). Well, what can I say… its 5 months since we left. Our lives now bear no resemblance of what we were like then. Let’s just say, I have my husband back, my children have a dad they never knew. He has more energy than all of us put together!!!! I can’t keep up! He never once took our children to a park alone, now he takes our grandchildren on day trips without a second thought – alone. Mr Linden, Jack and our family will be indebted to you forever. If you are reading this and are contemplating going to the Retreat then I would say do everything in your power to get there. Everything. If you are ready to get your life back you must find a way to do this programme and I promise you, you won’t regret it. So from me, Jack, our children Jessica, Charlotte and James and our grandchildren, Phoebe, Callum, Jacob and Chloe… “THANK YOU” xxxxxxxxx

  • Mrs Kay

    Living abroad whilst my daughter was studying in England was always going to be difficult. However when she started suffering with panic attacks, it was extremely difficult and I was in complete despair. We were offered the Retreat programme and I can honestly say that it has turned my Daughters life around. I feel very confident that she now has the tools and determination to finally put her anxiety to bed and get on with her life. This programme should be available to all sufferers. There are no doubt hundreds and thousands of people who are suffering with a range of anxiety disorders which lead to a life of pain and misery. The Linden Method Retreat can cure them within days and we must ask why isn’t this programme readily available for every sufferer! – Mrs Kay – A Happy Mother.

  • Jed Pringle

    After living the life we have lived for many years and with my Wife as an anxiety sufferer, I have known nothing different and it became normal life. From the start of the Retreat with everyone arriving as strangers and obviously affected by their condition to the difference at the end of the four days, I have been amazed. Not just the change in my Wife but the change in everyone on the course was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have made many new friends and have never in my life been amongst a more genuine lovely bunch of people. The change in my Wife and everyone else on this Retreat was unbelievable. Jed Pringle – A Truly Relaxed Husband!

  • Janet Verrall

    I came to the Retreat feeling extremely nervous, saying over and over again “this will never work”! How wrong I was. By day two I just knew that this WAS going to work and it was ME that was going to make it happen – A real Eureka moment! Thanks to everyone – totally life changing. – Janet Verrall

  • Vicky

    On day one, arriving on my own, I was anxious, apprehensive, nervous and fearful. By the last day I felt stronger, positive and looking forward to the changes ahead and a new anxiety free life. Rob and Jenny are amazing. There are no better two people to help us through this and I am so thankful for their guidance and support. – Vicky

    • grace

      charles i owe you everything, TLM is amazing and i thank God.

  • Neil

    The Retreat has enabled me to confront issues which have caused considerable damage to me and stress close to me. I leave with a fresh vision and a plan to change and take control of my life. – Neil Boss

  • Neelam

    Such a wonderful accessible course – it has really opened my eyes to how to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, and the anxiety has gone away naturally through the whole process. With such a great team to guide you through the Retreat it is impossible not to recover! – Neelam

  • Elaine Pringle

    I feel now that I have the understanding and knowledge to return to a fulfilling life, rather than watching from behind the glass. I am looking forward to throwing myself back into life! – Elaine Pringle

  • Catherine

    It took me a few years to decide to come to the workshop retreat, I wish I had done it sooner! I had tried to work through the pack at home, but for me the workshop provided the information and support I needed. The staff were just brilliant and the hotel was perfect. I have come away feeling so positive and inspired. Love Catherine

  • Natasha

    I now have a better understanding of The Linden Method and will dedicate myself to it wholeheartedly. The staff are all genuine, approachable and friendly and give you more confidence in applying yourself to the method – Natasha

  • Theresa McDonald

    The Retreat is truly an amazing experience. The Linden Mtehod is great. The support staff are amazing. The program really works. I love it.

  • Karen Jones

    OMG TLM is amazing everyone. Please, if you are thinking of doing it, think no longer and just jump in. I had CBT, that stupid tapping con, hypnosis that didn’t even hypnotise me… all such a crock. Then my husband bought me TLM and I haven’t looked back. Do it, it will chnage you. Kaz

  • Emma davies

    Charles, Beth, Jenny & Rob,

    Sorry I didn’t write a testimonial on Friday, but I wanted a bit of time back in the real world to see if I would feel the same once I had left safety of the retreat and I pleased to report that I am feeling even better.

    Almost instantly my anxiety has gone. I am back at work, taking the tube on my own in rush hour, going shopping and more importantly I had lots of fun at the weekend with my friends and family. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed so much.

    Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word in return for someone who has given me the tools to be non anxious again and has shown me how to get my life back.

    Anyone who is suffering from an anxiety disorder should know that their search is finally over and best of all the Linden method is so easy to follow.

    Thank you so much for ending years of sadness and loneliness. I am now excited for my future and what I know I can achieve.

    Lots of Love

    Emma X

  • Sam

    I was completely cured by The Linden Method Retreat. It is fantastic and I have made many lifelong friends there.

  • Newton

    Where are these retreats held and what is the price

    • charleslinden

      Hi, the Retreats take place in Worcestershire UK – can I ask Jo or Beth to contact you please. Please supply your contact details if you wish to be contacted with information. I apologize for the late reply but the message was flagged as spam. Regards.

    • James Brookes

      The Most incredible programme I have ever done. The support team are amazing, I have never felt so well and free. Thank you.

  • Victoria Gale

    The most amazing and lovely place. The people and staff were wonderful. I would recommend 100% to others. Life without anxiety is now possible thanks to The Linden Method.

  • Lucy Hill

    After being passed round form Doctor to Doctor who were unable to diagnose a debilitating sleep problem, I discovered almost immediately it was anxiety. Not only did I find the root of the problem, but was given a cure. Utterly thrilled.

  • Michelle

    If you suffer from any form of anxiety – The Linden Method and Retreat are a “must”. To be in a beautiful setting surrounded by the most lovely and caring people who are all there for you is just wonderful and very special. I really cannot begin to thank you of all your support. You are all very special people. Thank you.

  • Yesica

    The Anxiety Recovery Retreat met all of my expectations. Jenny Brookes was lovely and was very informative in all the Linden Method content. I feel confident that I will fully recover form my anxiety. i would recommend this amazing Retreat to any sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks,OCD etc etc. I only wished that it would last longer because it is so relaxing being here! THANK YOU to Charles, Beth, Jenny, all The Linden Centre Staff and Hotel. xx

  • Charles linden is not a therapists. But think about it a therapist has been trained for lets say 5-6 years in his field. which is quite broad. But linden has had anxiety for over 20 years and has worked with thousands anxiety sufferers. And he has researched thousands of hours for this condition alone. So i believe he knows his stuff better.
    The Linden Method has work wonders for me. I first downloaded it. and i saw how much it helped that i bought it. ( because the version on the net was old and not complete missing all the visualization material). So i have to think that you either did something wrong or you did not believe that it will help you in the first place. But on the other hand it says it on the terms. It works for 95% of the cases.For my self it was the only thing that made me snap out of this dreadful condition. And many therapist approve of it. The reason that they dont use it is simple. The surgeon will propose surgery, the pathologist will prescribe drugs, the marijuana doctor will prescribe you with marijuana, the CBT specialist will treat you with cbt and Charles Linden with this method. And if you had CBT….. you would see that CBT shears many of the same principles that the linden method does.

  • The linden method only works if YOU WORK IT!

    Here is a short list of things that will NEVER work.

    1) Pills
    2) Wishing your anxiety away
    3) Hoping for the best
    4) Constant anxiety attacks….

    I mean, it is at it’s core Behavioral Therapy which is the best possible way to cure a disorder that is totally present in the minds of people.

    There is not a quick fix or magic bean for anxiety….you have to work at curing yourself and it WILL GO AWAY!

    If you do this (using the Linden Method) you will be FREE FROM ANXIETY.

    I used the linden method with great results so I now try to market the thing on the internet. I have wasted SO MUCH TIME marketing the program because anxious people would rather post their symptoms and insecurities than get any help…’s giving me anxiety again!

    Listen. It works, you just have to be open to trying something different.


  • It worked for me.. after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years. I wrote an article about it here:

  • Joan1963

    It changed my daughter’s life in five days. She attended the Residential retreat as she was not disciplined enough to follow the method from the book and CDs. The course really focused her. Her anxiety and OCD had overwhelmed her life until she could no longer cope and she had dropped out of her Science degree during her third year.

    Suffice to say post Linden Method she recommenced and graduated with first class honours. No sign ever of the OCD and panic that had dominated her life for over 10 years. Five days. That’s all it took. I am forever grateful to Charles Linden and his team. Wonderful!
    I cannot say enough in support of the method. It works.

  • Philip S

    Historically my anxiety had led me to using alcohol as a solution to feel safe and normal again. I recovered from alcoholism 10 years ago, however, I was still left with chronic anxiety. The 3 day retreat taught me that using the Linden method I can rid myself of anxiety and enjoy living a free life again feeling safe and confident.
    From the moment I met the team and other clients I was in a safe environment surrounded by people just like me that understood the pain I had been in. They had been where I had been and were living proof that the method works. Previous to the retreat I felt that I was the only person who felt the way I did, my belief that I was unique immediately shattered when I heard and shared my experience with others. I no longer suffer with anxiety and now have a great set of tools that allow me to live life to the full again and deal with problems in an appropriate and rational way. In addition the retreat has heaps of laughter, great food and great relaxation treatments. Meditation allowed me a feeling of such peace I had never previously experienced. Like most great ideas it is remarkably simple to understand and implement ANYONE can use it. I urge any sufferer to take a leap and get this cure. Don’t waste another day suffering, take control of your life and happiness through the Linden method.

  • J Spoor

    I cannot recommend this retreat enough. To know that your loved one is being guided towards recovery by such wonderful people who actually care, well, there just aren’t words to describe this. It is also very comforting to be with other people that know exactly how you feel. This retreat is a must for anyone who suffers from anxiety because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth will show you the way.

  • User

    The Linden Method Anxiety Retreat is the best thing I have ever experienced – IT STOPPED MY ANXIETY DEAD IN IT’S TRACKS!!

    I can understand people being sceptical about the Linden Method, they have probably tried everything they could to rid themselves of anxiety with little effect – so why would this work? I was also sceptical to start with but I was at such a low ebb I was willing to try anything. After years of suffering with inappropriate anxiety (14 years) I finally decided enough was enough. I had every reason to be happy and worry free but I just couldn’t get my head there as previous life experiences had created an anxious habit within me. I worried about everything.

    I checked into the Linden Method Anxiety Retreat last Tuesday (12th March 2013) AND HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE. Every aspect of my anxiety has diminished – if not disappeared completely. In fact the only remnants of my condition are the odd anxious thought but these no longer send me into a downward spiral of worry and checking, I have been given the tools to see them for what they are; enabling me to let them go.

    How did the retreat do this? Simple… the staff who deliver the Linden Method are specialists in their field. They are specialists in the ONLY cure for anxiety. Jenny, the psychologist worked a miracle for me by explaining (using the Linden Method) how and why my thoughts (worries) occurred and therefore, how I could discard them knowing that they were a symptom of anxiety (just like the panic attacks, tension, etc.). They have become meaningless, I can ignore them and they quickly disappear. She also did so much more including rebuilding confidence, life coaching and explaining how to create balance within other areas of my life. This included clarification of the diversions Charles discusses in his method.

    The sessions with Charles were also beneficial as he explained in further detail the workings of his method. Added to this we had the experience of the retreat host – Rob. He was the most approachable, kind and understanding human being I think I have ever met. Nothing was too much trouble for him, you could approach him about anything to do with the retreat and if he couldn’t help you he would make damn sure he would find the person who could. During the retreat we were given every opportunity to ask any questions that we had about our conditions and how to deal with them. These questions could be dealt with either in a group forum or on a one to one basis. The choice was ours.

    All of the above support coupled with wonderful people, beautiful surroundings and full use of the spa, a luxury treatment and fabulous food made it the perfect break. My mom also found the retreat beneficial as supporters and loved ones were also given guidance and reassurance on how to reinforce the method away from the retreat.
    Doubters will always doubt, but I can safely say that I haven’t had any anxious symptoms since I got home; I sleep well at night and feel like I have a better perspective on life as a whole. If you are considering booking make sure you go. It is an investment you will not regret. It is an investment in yourself, your non-anxious self.

    I am so grateful to Charles and Beth for everything they have done to alleviate anxiety conditions. I hope that this method is rolled out universally across the NHS and health services worldwide so we can stop this horrible condition; and prevent the use of other ineffectual methods which continue to keep people in a constant state of anxious malaise and drug companies constantly wealthy.

  • I was at the Retreat this last week and during my time there I became anxiety free. I had been agoraphobic and a panic attacks sufferer for ten years but this Retreat is exactly what it professes to be. I watched as every member of the group was transformed and I truly mean transformed. It was the most powerful and incredible experience of my life. Rob, jenny, Charles and Beth make it so simple to understand and just so powerful. The venue is so comfortable and the food and facilities are wonderful. I can’t recommend this highly enough and in time this will definitely become the accepted anxiety recovery program worldwide. Book up as soon s you can because this is the real deal.

  • Ian (Berks)

    Something happened during my stay at the Linden Anxiety Retreat which is hard to explain, but I’ll give it a go.

    Following years of bouncing around between my GP and a trail of ‘specialists,’ I sat virtually shaking in my own home, totally unable to make sense of the world around me, breathless, bloated and suffering the side effects of drugs that were supposed to make me feel ‘better’.

    My wife and I felt sure my growing list of ailments were connected; and so following my personal decision to slowly come off Citalopram and that CBT was not for me, I felt my shocking, virtually constant state of anxiety must be the root cause.

    On discovering the Linden Method, I immediately booked myself on to the next retreat, which luckily for me was the following week. I already had a feeling of optimistic trepidation as the Tuesday start date loomed closer. Was this going to be exactly what I was looking for?

    The four days was a carefully crafted combination of classroom style learning, relaxation time in the form of Pilates, a lovely long massage and some posture training, coupled with sharing time with the other attendees and Linden staff. The location, in a stunning Georgian country house hotel was the perfect setting.

    If you feel locked away from reality and the smallest thing makes you feel like the world is about to end, I urge you to us the Linden Method, because I can categorically say, with a big smile on my face, it worked for me – and in fact, seemingly also for the other eleven wonderful people I shared the experience with.

    I’m still bewildered that, after 10-15 years, of quite frankly misery, fighting this debilitating condition, I feel totally free of negative thoughts and the physical side effects that made functioning in the world almost impossible.

    Thanks to Charles and his stunning team – to whom I owe you a huge debt of gratitude – the fog has lifted and the onset of Spring is perhaps the best anecdote to describe how much I am looking forward to lifes rich journey!

  • Madeleine Yates

    I would really like other sufferers – especially those who cannot remember a time when they were not anxious and are currently in the depths of despair – to know that there is a way to get completely better. Like a lot of people, I was initially doubtful that TLM would be able to provide a complete cure, but I am living proof that the method really works.

    I can honestly say that, since completing the 4-day residential course and very importantly, following through with the ongoing recommendations, the only anxiety I now feel is in ‘sabre-tooth tiger’ situations, or in other words, when it’s entirely appropriate.

    TLM really did change my life and I am so grateful to have found it. Is it worth the money? YES. Very best wishes.

  • A truly life changing experience. The journey from wherever you are to The Elms may seem a daunting experience. However the reassurance you get from the minute you arrive is amazing. Beth has such and a calming influence and Rob’s infectious positivity is impossible not to absorb.

    The thing about the whole experience is you are among like minded creative individuals, who have all suffered in their own way. That in itself is so reassuring that you are not alone.

    You will learn about all aspects of your anxiety and how to put the correct structure in place to recover.

    The Elms itself is such a beautiful place. The room, food and surroundings were sensational. You also have time throughout your stay to take “me time”. And with the spa, it is the ideal place to do it. That is the benefit of the whole experience. The things you (as an anxious person) would love to do but may have avoided are subtly structured in to your stay.

    I attended with my family (wife and 3 children) and there was plenty for them to do and we were all made more than welcome. The staff at the Elms are also very attentive to your needs – plenty of glasses of milk as and when required.

    I left the retreat with enough confidence that I spontaneously decided to take the family to Blackpool for a short stay before we headed home. The difference in me was unbelievable. But its up to you to keep the momentum going once you leave.

    I am now back at work and looking forward to an anxiety free future. The Linden Method retreat is something all anxiety sufferers should experience. There is nothing else like it!

  • J Rogers

    I visited the Retraet in May 2012 and it changed my life. I was so scared before leaving home because mya goraphobia was immense, but it didn’t take long after arriving before Beth Linden came over to me and settled my nerves. She knew exactly what to say to me because she had been through it all with Charles. My wife and I knew from that point that things were going to get much better. And they did. The three days that followed were amazing. the other people on the course were just like me. It was truly fun. The others all had varyious symptoms and conditions. Theer were some with OCD, some with panic disorder, some with agoraphobia, like me but we were all so similar in personality. We were so sad to elave teh Retreat but I can say without any doubt that those 4 days changed my life forever and I am now back at work, anxiety free and hapier than I have ever been. I made some great friends at the Retreat and this year we are meeting a couple who were also at the Retraet in their home city of Athens. Thank you so much Linden Method team. If you are thinking of booking, don’t think, just go.

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