The Linden Method Junior Version – Ages 4-17

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The Linden Method Junior Version – Ages 4-17

FREE Professional Support (from our team of MBACP and LAR Accredited Specialists) for you and your child.

Structure – Guidance – Support & Reassurance by qualified Mental Health practitioners included with this program. Call them now on +44 (0)1562 742004 to talk through the issues your child is facing.

The Linden Method Junior Version includes CDs for your child to listen to and supervised recovery by our qualified psychotherapeutic team. Both parent and child will have access to email and telephone support, guidance and reassurance.
The Linden Method – Published: June 30, 1997 | Edition: 6

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden, an ex sufferer of panic attacks, anxiety disorder, OCD, school phobia, agoraphobia and other anxiety related conditions.

Used by tens of thousands of sufferers worldwide, this method’s reputation for success is undeniable.

Charles suffered from childhood anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and searation anxiety and much of this program was developed using his unique knowledge of suffering and recovery.

The Linden Method is so simple to use and produces fast results. The Junior Method pack includes, The Linden Method Manual, The Linden Method CDs, the 2 junior audio CDs, The Linden Method Workshop DVD and FREE, UNLIMITED counselling from qualified counsellors and psychologists.

Medically and psychologist endorsed, this method is THE solution to anxiety disorders including panic attacks, agoraphobia, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

“When I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and school phobia, I had nothing… this pack is the ‘something’ that I would have wanted and needed back then. The junior Linden Method version is me preventing every child sufferer from having to tolerate what I did. I suffered for 27 years before finding the solution. It’s so simple; your child won’t even know they are doing it! Charles Linden.


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  • Janine zkruger

    We live in the US. Will you be able to offer support to our 16 year old son who was bullied an now has trouble going to school even though we switched schools. He has OCD and anxiety and depression.

    • charleslinden

      Yes, we will be able to help Janine, no problem at all. The support is by email and phone but it’s so easy anyway. I wish I had been given TLM when I was 16! Take care. Charles Linden

      PS, you can join here:

  • David Miller

    If you have any doubts about the possibility of recovery like I did when I used the method with my daughter, don’t doubt it, just do it. I can honestly say it has changed all our lives.

  • Jeremy Clarke

    If you want to be anxiety free, do The Linden Method program. I waited too long to start it with my daughter and I wish I had started day one because when I just did as Charles said in his intro video, everything started to happen so fast. Molly felt so much more in control in days. In a week she was back at school. In a month, she was like a new girl. It’s amazing everyone. Just do it. Don’t wait. Start now.

  • Kay Clark

    My son became very anxious and had panic attacks whilst being bullied at school. A good friend who had experienced anxiety in the past had recommended that I call The Linden Centre. We signed up for The Linden Method junior version and I set to work learning what I could do for Jack. The effect was immediate. Jack started having fun and smiling again and in under a week he was sleeping and going to school. Jack is only 11 but I would recommend The Linden Method to anyone suffering from high anxiety.

  • Lacy. L

    You have brought our little boy back from pergitory Linden staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love and all the very best. Joy. L. Chicago.

  • Robert Sctwell

    I cannot thank you and The Linden Method team enough for what you did for my family and my daughter Emily. The hell she went through at school made our lives miserable for so long. Your team are amazing Charles and Fiona and Kathy in your office were so kind and patient with us. Emily is doing so well now. She never has anxiety any more and now has a boyfriend and is doing well in class. Thank you, thank you Charles.

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