Charles’ Review of TLM

Charles Linden’s Review of his Linden Method

0A1X0884small 4cm“The process outlined in my Linden Method is what erased my inappropriate anxiety in days and has guarded me from developing high anxiety ever again.”

It’s what has also helped over 390,000 anxious people from around the world!

For 24 years, myself and my team of qualified anxiety specialists have, through my books, CDs, DVDs, Residential Programs, Workshops, TV series and thousands of pages of information across the internet, helped over 3 million people to gain the resources they need to become free of the inappropriate fear that haunts them.

This isn’t psychotherapy, hypnosis, cognitive therapy or anything else that probably didn’t work for you before, this is a common sense, practical, simple and effective technique with constant guidance that brings about anxiety elimination.

It’s called psycho-education and this science is the only science that can remove your disorder.

I work for and with media, corporates, schools, governments, emergency services and clients from every corner of the world. I write for many magazines, newspapers and websites. I appear on TV, on radio and media around the world… why?

Because for 27 years of my life I was crippled by high anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, panic attacks, depersonalization, derealization and a myriad of symptoms, sensation and thoughts that made me feel like I was losing my mind.

I was on Prozac, Zispin, Stelazine and Diazepam. I was seeing a CBT and hypnosis practitioner and getting worse by the day… but now I know why!

I changed all that… I wrote the process down and now provide that same system to everyone who needs it in The Linden Method book, audio and video and when someone doesn’t ‘get it’… I have a team of people who will explain it!

It’s so easy, so enjoyable, none threatening and amazingly powerful and I have never seen it fail when people just DO it.

My ONLY frustraton is that some people don’t just get on with it and think that it won’t work because it’s so simple! BAD IDEA! Just DO it! PLEASE.

BUT, like I said to start with… there’s only one way that you will discover that what I say is true! To do it!

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