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Invaluable! I have been an anxiety disorder and panic attacks sufferer pretty much forever,
well as far back as I can remember. The Linden Method is the most common sense solution;
it professes to contain THE solution and in honesty, I believe it does. I’ve just completed
the third month without a panic attack and my anxiety sensations have subsided. It’s a
dream realised!

David Haslem


The Many Faces of Anxiety/Panic

If I were to spill my guts about my panic and anxiety history you might say it sounds
like I was schitzophrenic. Actually I told somone a while ago just how bad I was and that
is exactly what he said; “sounds like you were schitzophrenic”. I even had frightening
feelings of body dismorphia and could not sleep.

I want to tell everyone here somthing. I will NOT tell about how bad I was in gross detail
because all it will do, ultimately, is freak you out and make you think “my god how terrifying”
and that is the last thing you need right now. You do not need to read about my story and then
translate it into your own personal fears at this very moment, though I understand how theraputic
it can be. Many years ago I was all over the internet joining anxiety groups and shared
everything, but little did I realize that was part of what was purpetuating the condition.

The Linden Method saved my life. Check out lindenmethod.com. Anxiety and panic are a
NON ISSUE. Ill be honest with you all, I HATE sounding like a damn salesman but I really
dont have a choice. I would not be so ardent about showing people this method if it hadnt
literally saved my life. I thought I was cursed for life, seriously. I couldnt sleep, had
terrifying feelings and sensations all over my body, had very macabre and distrubing thoughts,
but THEY DO NOT MATTER ANYMORE. They simply do not exist and I will not get into the very
gross and disturbing details of my anxiet/panic past. I just want to talk about my well
and balanced PRESENT and tell you, honestly, that you can do it! Please believe me.

The Linden Method is like a step up from CBT, though it does use the same techniques on a
fundamental level. The method I used doesn’t allow you to “put it off” or get feelings like
“Im too scared to do this, I give up”. There are a lot of parts to the method but its overall
methodology is very simple and scientific. It focuses mainly on the amygdala and Charles’
discovery that this small organ in the brain is one of the main culprits in panic/anxiety
conditions and once you completely “reprogram” this organ it is impossible to relapse. This
taken with the many health and other tips in the pack make for a perfect arsenal. It took
me ohhhhh… about 6 months to get to what I would call 90% well where I didnt need the
method anymore. It was just hard wired into me and after about a year I was like “anxiety,
what anxiety?”. THis doesnt mean that I dont get scared anymore like if I have a nightmare
or somthing haha. All the natural and built in safety aspects of anxiety are still there,
just not the purpetual 24/7 switched on anxiety.

Another thing that really helped in the method was learning Qi Kung which is very gentle
but effective exorsize. It really helps get the blood and oxygen flowing and makes you feel
like a rock! I started working again and doing Qi Kung every morning made me feel like I
could tackle any sort of physical work easily. It just makes you feel better all around.

Another thing I should mention about this great method is how quickly it begins to work.
Within 3 days I was panic attack free. I remember my last panic attack and realizing
“This will never happen again”, and it didn’t. This for me was one of the most
amazing parts of the method. Once I commited myself to the CD called the “panic eliminator”
I was panic free in about 6 hours. When you first listen to this CD you might think, like I did,
“this is crazy, does he really want me to do this?” After a few days of letting the
information sink in I decided to dive into the actual practice that it tells you to do and BOOM,

It is hard for people to understand when I say I cured myself from panic and anxiety completely
using just one method. I think because it quite trully is too good to believe to be true. Like
“there is just no way” hahaha. I was taken aback myself when I discovered the Linden Method at
lindemethod.com and actually called the center and asked them “is this true? Has this method
really cured over 80,000 people with anxiety and panic?”. She said very simply “yes, we have an
amazing success rate”. Hell, I had nothing to lose! I have already spent thousands upon thousands
of dollars on both conventional and unconventional therapies like Reiki and meditation, medical
doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, ER visits, and many different kinds of prescription drugs.
I was desperate and ready to try anything because NOTHING was working, at least not in a curing

I can tell you this, I am 100% anxiety and panic attack free. When I look at how I was it is hard
to believe that THAT is where my life used to be. I, still to this day, find it miraculous that
I cured myself from all the symptoms, sensations, disturbing thoughts, insomnia etc etc. I had
just about every thing one could have “wrong” with them with these conditions but I do understand
that we are all different. Some people get pain in their limbs while others dont, some people
have scary sensations in their brain (like I did) and others dont but it doesnt mean that we
are different.

There are many faces that anxiety and panic can take and some people I have found have cured
themselves of anxiety and panic jsut by changing their diet, or even just changing their job!
I can only tell you what worked for me and 80,000 other poeple, and Charles Linden states
right at the beginning of his method that “you either decide to do this or not to do it” and
it is as simple as that. I really didn’t have a choice, I mean this is my life! If somone gives
me the choice between the possibility of curing myself of this condition permanently or to
continue living with it the rest of my life I’ll gladly take the former. And guess what,
I did it and so can you!

It is nothing short of miraculous what happened to me. I mean I could seriously write a book
about it.



Linden Method Review: Does It Really Work?

Unless you have suffered the crippling effects panic and anxiety attacks have on your life,
it is difficult to be truly compassionate. Maybe that is what makes the Linden Method so
remarkable and effective.

I don’t easily endorse anything. However, since discovering the Linden Method I can’t help
but add my two cents to all the other glowing testimonials. Here is a program that delivers
even more than is promised (Or so it feels anyway). Not only do you get a comprehensive
package that contains a video, 10 audios and a manual with more than 200 pages, the personal
support is priceless. Charles and his team are there to help you every step of the way.
I find this truly remarkable and all I can say is; the Linden Method really works!

From about the age of 12, Charles Linden suffered from the debilitating effects of
agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks. During his years at school he only just managed
to stay afloat. Feelings of fear were a constant part of his existence. What should have
been some of the best years of his life, became a nightmare. Feelings of loneliness
and anxiety ruled his life.

As he got older the symptoms became even worse. By the time he was 21, he was so agoraphobic
he would only leave the house to try and find help for his condition. Medication did not
improve the situation and to make matters worse, the side effects were ghastly.

No one seemed able to help him. Wherever he turned, from conventional to alternative
medicines, as well as therapy for anxiety and panic attacks, all proved to be in vain.
Charles lived a life that can only be considered a horror.

In 1996 Charles decided he could not continue living his life like this. He started
spending hours researching. Interviewing patients and people who managed to recover
from these disorders, he systematically recorded the results.

Whilst doing this, he experienced an ‘eureka’ moment. Suddenly he looked at panic
and anxiety attacks in an entirely different way. This proved to be the turning
point for him and the beginning of the Linden Method.

In a couple of days his life started changing noticeably.

After two weeks he was socializing and attending college.

Within two months, he had no more anxiety or panic attacks and was able to live a normal life.

Drawing from his own experience, he spent two years developing the Linden Method.
Tested and refined, over the past decade it has been used successfully worldwide
by more than 88 000 people. People who have tried previously, without success,
to find a cure. Those people are now living life to the full. Finally 100%
free from a dreadful condition.

Why is the Linden Method so successful? It can be attributed to a number of things:

  • It was developed by a knowledgeable person who had suffered for many years
  • The root cause of anxiety disorders is addressed
  • There are no drugs involved and therefore no harmful side effects
  • It is an easy to follow program
  • It is soothing and gentle with nothing frightening, but at the same time extremely effective.
  • Unlimited support and advice is available from trained and sympathetic counselors
  • Tested and approved by doctors and psychologists, the Linden Method is on
    its way to becoming the number one treatment for panic attacks and anxiety disorders

You can make the choice today. It’s so easy. Instead of existing in a state of
constant panic and anxiety, with the Linden Method you can start living life
to the full and do those things you never thought possible.



The Linden Method for Anxiety Treatment

“Anxiety disorder and panic attacks aren’t mental or physical illnesses.
They are behavioral conditions, fueled solely by our own actions.”

Shocking statement, but true according to Charles Linden, creator of The Linden
Method, a natural anxiety relief treatment program.

This is probably contradictory to what you have already learned about your
condition. For many years, anxiety disorder and panic attacks were blamed
on a chemical imbalance in the brain. Charles conducted an extensive study
into this misconception and his results proved that this is untrue.

The real culprit, he says, is a small gland in the brain called the Amygdala,
which is responsible for triggering anxiety when needed. This is a basic instinct
that works to ensure our survival when we feel threatened by an outside force
or situation.

For anxiety and panic sufferers, however, this gland has somehow gotten stuck
in the ‘on’ position. This causes the brain to repeatedly activate the anxiety
when it is not required. This over-activation has become the new learned behavior.

Over time, this repeated activation has reset the gland to a much higher and
more sensitive response rate than is required. The cure is to figure out how
to turn it off again.

Charles has clearly done his homework. After interviewing respected members
of the mental health community, psychologists, psychiatrists and even hospitalized
patients he has discovered that ‘off’ switch. It involves retraining the
Amygdala to revert to it’s original behavior and in turn, lessen it’s
rate of response.

He points out that traditional methods using ‘talk therapy’ were designed
to examine the cause of the anxiety (usually a life event) and then develop
a series of exercises to resolve those issues. As it turns out, talk therapy
isn’t the cure for uncontrolled anxiety and panic.

“The cause of anxiety disorders and panic attacks is not the ‘life
event’ that created the stressful environment,” Charles adds. “This
is wrong. The actual cause is the way the Amygdala responded to that event
and continues to produce anxiety and panic long after the event.”

He explains that the problem lies in the way the original anxiety and panic
are anticipated long after the stress-inducing event. He downplays the
effectiveness of medications because they are targeted at the chemical
imbalance which he’s already learned is not the cause of anxiety disorders,
agoraphobia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or obsessive compulsive
disorder (OCD).

During his own treatments, he experienced “horrible withdrawal problems,
rebound anxiety and extreme panic attacks” when he became dependent on Valium
– one of many medications used to treat the condition.

At that time, he was having 8-10 panic attacks every day. His condition
deteriorated to the point he became agoraphobic and unable to leave his own
home. And he wasn’t alone in his condition.

It’s startling to learn that around 40 Million people in the US currently
suffer from anxiety disorders, including panic attacks and phobias. There
are many more worldwide. Today, his program has become one of the most highly
respected treatments throughout the mental health industry. It is endorsed by
psychologists and doctors who have put The Linden Method to the test and seen
incredible results among their clients.

“Until recently, I thought that conventional therapy held all the answers.
I don’t think that way any more. I help people get completely well now. Before,
I felt like I was helping them to tread water,” says psychologist Jenny Saunders.

The Linden Method approaches the matter in a conscientious and caring manner.
Throughout the entire package, you are reminded of the concerned people
behind it. From the comforting voice of Charles himself on the audio tapes
to the written materials detailing the whole anxiety and panic condition,
The Linden Method sets the positive environment for successful recovery.

The package consists of the Linden Method Manual, a Qi-Kung De-Stress video
of relaxing and anxiety-defeating exercises and meditations, 6 audio tracks,
and 1 year of free unlimited counseling support.

The support system he has in place provides that little extra that people
often need while learning a new treatment program and while working towards
a cure. This extra care is unusual in the world of anxiety treatment packages
because many simply provide you with the tools with no backup help.

Sylvia Dickens

Uncommon Forum

linden method
I purchased the linden method and found to be very helpfull. The fact that the Mr Linden has
in fact been to ‘hell and back’ puts him quite rightly in the ultimate position to offer
his advice.

The fact that its possible to feel normal again was reassurace enough for me, i just needed
to know how to start.


I have started the Linden Method and have so far found it excellent. I really don’t think
it’s a waste of money and I certainly don’t think that it’s a money spinning company. I don’t
think anyone who knows how hard it is to live with anxiety would ever try to make money out
of other people’s suffering.

I just wanted to let you
know that I’ve started the Linden method and have so far found it brilliant.
It seems to be a very honest technique and from what I’ve experienced so far
I would definitely recommend it.

Good luck with everything,

Clarezy Mac

Josh Peak

But, let’s talk about another struggle I had. I bet you never knew Josh Peak struggled with Anxiety;
I didn’t either, until sitting in a church pew back in 2002, when I started to sweat profusely
thinking I was having a heart attack. I didn’t know what was going on, it was the weirdest
and scariest thing that had happened to me. Thank God I never took medication for it,
as most of you know, I am totally a person who is for natural cures. Thank God I met Charles
Linden, the creator of the Linden Method, Thank God. See I was always a person who lived for
tomorrow, and not for today. Depression is when you look in the rear view, Anxiety is when
you worry about the future, and balance is when you live in the NOW!

No More Panic

I think the Linden Method is fantastic – but everyone is different – it did make vast improvements
to the way I viewed things – I think it was worth every penny… life is for living not
just for surviving


i too think the linden method is fantastic. it is a miracle worker, the only reason
it doesnt work is the same reason charles himself says it doesnt, ppl just dont stick
to it!! the only reason i bought it was because i was finding it other places than just
the internet, book stores carry it too now. And i heard an interview on bbc radio 2,
i think maybe radio 1 lol. Its worth a million pounds! to think, ALL that money i spent
on books and hypnos cd’s, i could of bvought the linden method 5 times over, if not more.


Small Steps Forums

Hello again. You’re probably wondering why I joined this website as I don’t suffer
from anxiety disorder anymore. The reason is this. If Charles Linden and other ex-sufferers
hadn’t bothered helping me out then I would still be suffering now. That’s a fact. I’m
in debt to them. And it’s only fair that I should make an effort to help current
sufferers get better.

It wasn’t fair on me that I suffered and it’s not fair on you if you are suffering.
It’s nasty. I’m not a specialist on the subject. All I can do is my best to help.
Believe me, it is possible to be completely anxiety free, I’m living proof.

Chris V

Social Phobia World Forum

I’ve used it and it does work!
I haven’t had a panic attack since I fininshed with it.
Once I’ve finished my benzo withdrawal I’m positive that the linden method will
get rid of my anxiety…
And if anyone is guessing…. no, I don’t work for these guys, I’m not a salesman
and I get nothing in return for anyone buying it!


MoneySavingExpert.com Forums

i too have suffered with depression and
panic-attacks for a year and a half now.it got so bad that i couldnt leave the house…
i even went through a spell of beng suicidal.im lucky i have the support of a great
boyfriend and family(+4 kids!) what i really wanted to say is that being on benefits
is terrible at the best of times but there is a way out.i did alot of research on the
net about anxiety/depression and found a great website.i cant remember the exact
address but if u type in the words “the learning path” i think it should take you to it.
as for the anxiety side of things i followed a method called the linden method.
just type in “charles linden” and that should be enough.to cut to the chase,im able
to walk outside again,im gaining self-confidence,the depression is lifting so much
so that i signed off benefits yesterday and started a part-time job..im not suggesting
it was easy,far from it.what i would say though is break one big task into lots of little
tasks and keep telling yourself you have been through bad times…but ur still here..
reading this message…..rite? good luck.let us know how you get on.


Carers.org Forums

I joined The Linden Method programme about 8 months ago on behalf of my husband
who has been a severe anxiety and agoraphobia sufferer for about 7 years. I was a
full time carer and we nearly lost everything including our home, but that’s
another story.

My husband didn’t want me to join the programme, he was convinced it was an
internet swizz but I did it without him knowing and read all the material myself
before decidin to keep and use it.

I am confused by earler comments which state that it is expensive; you get a
lot of information and free support by phone and email from the best bunch of
qualified, friendly and helpful support staff you could imagine.

I know this sounds far fetched but I promise you that my husband was out and
about looking for work in less than a month. I forced him to do the programme
initially but as soon as he got started it just snowballed.

I owe a massive debt of gratitude to The Linden Method and Kathy, Janice and
Jenny at the UK center who made it all so simple.

I called the center about 15 times in the first three months and the staff
were willing to talk to me for long sessions. If you think £117 is a lot of
money for all that, you have clearly never been to see a psychologist or
counsellor privately.

Hope this helps you all.



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