What is the program all about….

…REMOVING anxiety disorders from YOUR life!

It’s such needless suffering!

OK, so what is The Linden Method first of all?

Charles wrote down his own anxiety recovery process, the one he used to remove his anxiety disorders in 1997. This then became the basis for The Linden Method book and program. As more people used his program, he added resources, audio tracks and videos, which assisted people to comply to the process Charles used himself.

As more and more people decided to use Charles’ process, he started providing a ‘hotline’ so that people could call or email, and get specific advice on how best to implement what his book teaches into their own lives. These lines were, and still are, manned by people with ‘talking therapy’ qualifications which enable them to communicate more effectively with people.


It quickly became very apparent that the benefits of the structure of his materials PLUS the support of the wonderful guidance specialists combined to bring about amazing changes in the vast majority of people. From the humble beginnings, The Linden Method became a respected guided self-help program that has been used by tens of thousands of people from around the world and is used in practice and recommended around the world by medics, psychologists and other health-care workers.

And now, Charles’ book has been used to create Residential Linden Method Retreats and Workshops that have helped hundreds of people from around the world including Australia, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South America and across the US.

Charles developed his book, DVD’s CDs, TV series and every article, TV program, magazine, radio show and event he has been involved in in order to do what he did for himself.


The Linden Method is now the world’s only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. Linden Tree education provide The Linden Method, Recovery Retreats and Workshops but also provide recovery practitioner accreditation through the NCFE.

It’s easy to look at what Charles has done and make assumptions but ultimately, whichever way you look at his achievements, the following are true:

  1. He’s inappropriate anxiety free
  2. He no longer has OCD or Pure O
  3. He is no longer agoraphobic
  4. He no longer has panic attacks
  5. His program has been used by well over 150,000 people
  6. His program receives referrals from doctors and psychologists
  7. He is respected as the world’s leading anxiety disorder authority
  8. His clients love him for what he has done for them
  9. His program produces results unlike anything else out there

Put that all to one side for a moment however.

What Charles does is touch and change lives forever and those who criticise are either competitors or people who have bought the program and not used it correctly.

The purpose of this website is to enable people to provide real reviews of the programs Charles offers.

HOWEVER it is not a forum for abuse, ridicule, disrespect or attacks so please be courteous and friendly.


The Linden Method Team.

What is Recovery? By Charles Linden

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